September 09, 2006

Lunch Design/Conference Design


Actually breakfasts are always worse, but I forgot to photograph it. One thing conference designers never seem to think of is what food is best for creating a great environment. Lunch was a sandwich, which is mainly carbohydrates, with a bit of veggies and a modest amount of protein. There was also potato salad (more carbs), a banana (more carbs) and a cookie (more carbs). That's a formula for a food coma. The talk or two after lunch are never the most fun are they?

Breakfast as I said is worse. Pastries and muffins, all carbs, no protein, another recipe for putting people to sleep. In America this diet gets counterbalanced in part because people have plenty of energy after sleeping all night and in part because it's offset with large amounts of low quality caffeine. Downers cut with uppers, not exactly the path towards a healthy day, nor necessarily for the best conference experience. It works for the most part, minus that hour of post lunch coma, but can it be designed better?

Posted by Abe at September 9, 2006 05:40 PM


Funny that you mentioned the food, as a displaced San Franciscan I am perpetually disappointed with Pittsburgh’s culinary offerings. In general, I agree with you regarding your critic of the food at conferences.

From my recent experience planning the conference, I now understand why the food is so bad. Since we decided to hold the Emergence Conference at the convention center we were contractually obligated to use the convention center catering (Being perpetual self-reflective designers/students, Jim and I discussed the food and lodging as two weak points of the conference).

While we would have liked to offer better food/eating options we were constrained both financially and contractually. I wonder is why the catering at the convention centers sucks. Believe it or not, the lunch cost more than the room rental!!!

Thank you for haveing great information.

I agree, no city's food compares to San Francisco's.

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