June 23, 2006

Reading SF

Does anyone in San Francisco read magazines?

Somehow it took me two days to track down a copy of the latest super obscure design magazine, Business Week's quarterly mag within a mag Inside Innovation. SF is shockingly devoid of newstands and magazine shops, things that pretty much occupy every major corner of New York. Perhaps it's just a population density thing, but SF has plenty of great bookstores in that same magazine free area, more perhaps than New York even. Maybe SF readers are just more sophisticated, they want the full book not the magazine lite. One specialist shop managed to stock the Journal of Palestinian Affairs and not Business Week. Yet the various drugstores I ducked into all seemed to feel Business Week was a bit to obscure to fit their microscopic racks. Perhaps people just don't read magazines here because the public transportation sucks so hard, although it's worth noting that at least it's fit to be called public transportation and that's a big improvement over most American cities...

Posted by Abe at June 23, 2006 10:43 PM

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