June 24, 2006

Bumptop Interface

It took be stumbling into this link a few times before I actually was willing to watch the video, but if you are into computer interfaces it's well worth it, very well prototyped and thought out. My only suggestion would be that now that they've gotten the insights they wanted off the desktop/paper metaphor, they then ditch the metaphor and see what happens when they extract the techniques. Metaphors after all tend to hang around far past their expiration dates, crossing a point were they stop being useful and sometimes get in the way...

Posted by Abe at June 24, 2006 11:07 PM


There's a good word for the anachronistic persistence of formal metaphors past their uselfulness: skeumorph.

Interesting, although it's maybe a bit too jargony for my tastes..

No way man, earliest citation from the OED is 1889, it's practically classical. I did first hear the word through Sterling, though, and you know how he is with the jargon ...

very interesting, and yes spelling it correctly, "skeuomorph", does reveal a much richer history. Then again jargon != new although there probably is a correlation.

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