August 19, 2004

Fat Genres

This whole health/diet thing? It's looking more and more like the music industry, no? Big budget, slick entertainment, with genres multiplying cancerous like electronic music.

Pretty soon health food stores will be organized like record shops. Atkins straight in front when you walk in, South Beach on the left. Vitamins are segregated in a quiet back room like the classical music department and all the fat free stuff in some corner like jazz and the cut out bins.

The hardcore underground, raw foods, maker's diet heads? They'll have their own little shops where the staff will sneer at you as walk in, then return to their argument over whether cooking starts at 119 or 120 degrees and if vinegar is allowed.

Meanwhile American's will continue to find ways to get fatter...

Posted by Abe at August 19, 2004 10:56 PM