July 15, 2004

Yeah We Like It Raw

My working definition of an industry party is an event where people sell both their soul and their dignity for free drinks. But the devil, he works in strange ways. Last night he had M.O.P. riding shotgun. Fiiire.

Five minutes in and poppi on my left is screaming "this is like a hardcore show". Five minutes more and "How About Some Hardcore" up rocks the crowd. If you don't know now you know... Hip hop used to get harder ever year. M.O.P. killed that. Their 93 shit is still the hardest. Ten long hard years and only New York could give them love. Nine hundred and ninety nine thousand short of mill.

Now they on the ROC and MTV is in the building. Put your middle fingers to the world and watch the crowd go to frenzy.

And yeah after M.O.P. destroyed the place some MC, Talib something or other showed up. Said he was from Brooklyn. We think he should go back to Ohio like the pretender that he is...

Posted by Abe at July 15, 2004 02:35 AM


free drinks and m.o.p? diablo you bastard...my shit is "salute" on firing squad, pitched to 3+ only

yeah m.o.p. is fun, and talib kweli's conscientious rap is shit most of the time. but so what, you're still fucking retarded.

<3 black thought, talib, mighty mos, kanye, common, the roots and all intelligent rap.

read a fucking book you idiot.