July 05, 2004

Phase Change

So things are slower on the blog front, both here and at American Dynamics. There are several answers.

The simplest is that its summer.

More complex is that I've just somewhat cautiously started grad school. And despite it being a tech slanted program it so far has meant far less time in front of my laptop. God bless.

Both answers are of course correct, but incomplete. More accurately we've been using summer as an excuse the my new found library access as an opportunity to shift into something of an absorption phase. I'm only taking one class so this really means reading lots and lots of stuff. Mainly in a long term search for a nomad economics, a non-metric, non-rationalist economics. More perhaps on this further down the road.

Posted by Abe at July 5, 2004 11:42 PM


Good luck! Let me know how the program goes, I'd like to take the ITP in a couple years.

Congratulations .. ! Coming to Montreal?