October 21, 2003

To All My Wonderful Readers

You are all very beautiful and flawless readers, and I love you very much. Extremely intelligent too. However I'm not sure I'll actually be writing anything, is it too much to ask you to forgive me?

In the meantime one Mr. Clay Shirky has some interesting things to say about
restaurants, reviews and reviewers, please enjoy and come again soon.

All my love,

oooh, oooh, oooh, a ps bonus, new Banksy! new Banksy:BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | Graffiti star sneaks work into Tate

Posted by Abe at October 21, 2003 01:14 PM


damn, I've never been a great copy editor (that's a major understatement -ed.), and after talking to Mr Adam Greenfield I actually reread this one. Looks like I left out a pretty major word. What I meant to say was I wouldn't be writing anything "today". I little different then just "not writing anything"


guess that's the beauty of the blog form, no one really cares what you said 2 days ago...

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