October 20, 2003

"Classic" Video Games + Today's Kids

on Handheld Football:

Brian: What's this supposed to be?

EGM: Football. It's one of the first great portable games.

Brian: I thought it was Run Away From the Dots.

on Tetris:

Tim: Which button do I press to make the blocks explode?

EGM: Sorry, they don't explode.

Becky: This is boring. Maybe if it had characters and stuff and different levels, it would be OK. If things blew up or something oró

Sheldon: If there were bombs.

Becky: Yeah, or special bricks. Like, if a yellow brick touched a red brick it would blow up and you'd have to start over.

John: Why haven't I won yet? I've paired up so many of the same color.

EGM: Don't worry about colors.

John: I just lined up six of the same color. Why didn't they blow up?

EGM: Nothing blows up.

Kids Play

[via the Noah Sachs Report]

Posted by Abe at October 20, 2003 12:34 PM


Sadly enough I fully agree this is how most kids today react to older video games, I thought I had a short attention span but between TV and today's video games you can't keep them entertained without killing and destruction. What ever happened to a good book?