October 28, 2003

Kind Words

Wow, loads of kind words floating around for yours truly, and better yet they all come from people who deserve some attention back.

City Of Sound has a fabulous series of fragments going up right now. Excellent stuff, they look like the sites title, very urban, very architectural, with a real feeling of rhythm and motion.

The always fabulous TWANBOC has moved on to Woebot, a site I utterly failed to assist on as promised. My bad. Actually looks better for it though, thoroughly enjoyable.

Catchdubs is all new to me and damn good, chock full of linkage. "Kinda Bjork-y" is kinda a compliment and kinda leaves me a bit confused... But hey I'll take what I can get. Lead me to this great little graphic design battle.

Posted by Abe at October 28, 2003 10:07 PM


Thanks man, much appreciated. The fragments are actually almost 4 years old now! They were actually intended to be background jpgs in a heavily layered site I designed at the time (remember DHTML?!) but never launched. Though I should do something with them ...

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