August 02, 2003

Street Powers (of Ten)


So MapQuest now gives you the option to see an aerial photo of maps you look up. That's where I grew up. Surprising just how green the area is. You can scale the photos just like a regular online map, which means you can roll your own little Powers of Ten too. Props to anyone who can name the landmarks on that photo above.

[via Kathryn Cramer: Habitats: Compare & Contrast]

Posted by Abe at August 2, 2003 01:21 PM


Grant's Tomb?

Grant's Tomb? Also, Columbia University. And the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Also Riverside Church, perhaps?

yep, yep. Grant's Tomb and Riverside Church are actually not on the map, but would be if it went up a block or two on the top.

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