August 03, 2003


Post A Thousand Plateaus I'm back to my usual read a lot of books at once style. Here is the state:

From Bauhaus to Our House by Tom Wolfe

Wolfe slices through the bs of modernist architecture with his usual flare and wit. It came out in the early 80's which probably added a cocaine fueled bitchy edge to all. Quite enjoyable, even if the targets are damn easy ones. Read it course with a grain of salt of course, not all the modernists are as bad a Le Corb...

Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer

A good 2 hour scifi read to cleanse the palette. Ignore the fact the "deep philosophical questions" are a silly bore and its an entertaining read.

The Twenty-First-Century Firm : Changing Economic Organization in International Perspective by Paul DiMaggio (Editor)

Its a collection of essays by various authors so its a bit hard to judge the whole book at this point. The intro however is an excellent introduction to the current state of thinking on the organization of firms. The whole field is still too deeply interwoven with free market capitalist thinking, but its ripe for a divorce. And that's the exciting part. There is a new approach to political economy in the making and some the roots (rhizome?) are nicely traced in this book.

Posted by Abe at August 3, 2003 05:03 PM


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