June 25, 2003

Sell Out! Sell Out! Sell Out!

Yeah there are Google AdSense ads on my page now. You got a problem? Give me some money. No seriously I'm just experimenting, and yeah I like money and could use more... So far its pretty interesting, if you get the Reconstructing Iraq ad its actually really interesting, some company set up to invest in Iraq. There was an ad for the Heritage Foundation too, scary on that one, wonder if they are going after new audiences or Google's filter just isn't so good at telling left from right?

Have to say Google made the process of setting this up absurdly easy. I've made a motion or two towards looking into other ways to get money from the site and Google's was the most seamless by far. And that's why they are on my site now. And why they are the number one search engine too. Smart people.

The Amazon ads are weird though, think they are all actually various Amazon affiliate members. Which means they actually compete with me. Not that I actually have ever made anything through that program.... Interesting none the less, wonder how much you can make with a well targeted google ad that drives traffic to Amazon?

Posted by Abe at June 25, 2003 09:05 PM


hmmm today the ads are all css and flash stuff, bit of a google bow face I guess. I made 32 in the past 18 hrs guess this will make me rich....