May 06, 2003

Musical Frictions and Breakthroughs

Is the musical stagnation of the past few years finally about to break?

A hour ago I watched the new Rapture album explode across the network. Its not due to August but in the course of an hour I watched the number of copies available on soulseek go from 0 to 10. Should be permanently available only by tomorrow.

The second listen is just starting, but the first round lived up to the hype. Electroclash and indie rock fused into a form that moves forward rather then looks back. Rock hasn't been so danceable since the Talking Heads. Have the dancefloors finally moved beyond the faceless DJ era? The DJ is here to stay, but lets hope the faceless music is over.

Over on the other side of the dial things are getting interesting too. The rhythmic frenzy of Nas' "Made You Look" is all over the new Lil Kim record. Like nearly all 70 minute CDs its a bit spotted, but when it hits its hot. "The Jump Off" is Timbaland besting himself once more. "Hold It Now" gets raw to the "Paul Revere" beat. "Thug Luv", "Magic Stick", "This is a Warning", hot shit. 50 Cent guests on "Magic Stick" and drops yet another ridiculous pop hook, he'll be reigning hip hop for a while, if he can stay alive...

Finally something really strange seems to be happening on hip hop radio, check Anil Dash and friends on hip hop + bhangra. Gives me hope for some soon to be born musical mutations.

Posted by Abe at May 6, 2003 03:04 AM


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