April 11, 2003

Xiaoxiao Homepage

The mysterious Chinese stickfigure animator finally has a homepage.

Posted by Abe at April 11, 2003 05:49 PM


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Seems like it doesn't work very well...

This guy is a professional, did you know that he sued Nike for copiying his Little Stick figure?
Zhu is about 28, based on the article. He has been studying an ancient Chinese Stick drawing book. He does not use Swift 3d, because when I load my flash program, the animations are constantly at motion, no sudden stops in 3d rotation. Which is why he is a very famous cartoonist. Xiao Xiao means "small small" in Chinese, I am Chinese myself so his works are inspiring to me.

Flash MX is a rather, expensive program being sold for $500. Some losers download it and crack it to make it free.

On my end, to make animation easier since I am not a cartoonist, I'd advise buying Swift3d...

I hope such information is useful to you.

By the way, If you can't find Xiao Xiao 10, here's the site...

Jie Jien (goodbye)