April 11, 2003

Apple Buying Universal Music?

Forbes.com: Apple Wants Vivendi To Dance. I don't know what to say, could be suicide on Jobs' part, or it could be brilliance. Maybe they have the answer to digital music distribution. Maybe they just want to make sure Microsoft won't impose their own brand of DRM on everyone. Or maybe Apple just wants take a dive together with all major labels.

Its just a rumor of course. The markets are dumping Apple because of it. Personally I think its a solid bet. I've always maintained that the labels have serious value beyond their current business model. So even if the industry tanks there is value to be salvaged. And if any prominent CEO is going to know the way to do it, I'd be betting on Jobs.

Be watching this one with interest.

Posted by Abe at April 11, 2003 04:58 PM


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