April 14, 2003

Will T-Mobile ever get it?

T minus 1 year and counting. Been over a year now that Starbucks has been offering 3rd party wireless internet. Forgot the initial company name, but the service is run by T-Mobile now. And its a case study on how not to attract customers.

Would you rather rip off one customer or have 10 happy customers? T-Mobile apparently wants the former. From the get go the Starbucks wireless service had 2 pay options. Pay by the minute at super sized prices or unlimited access provided you commit to a year contract. What's missing is a middle ground, the space where all most all their target market lies. People's need for wireless internet comes in bursts, on random trips where they don't have access in an office or hotel. And when they have need for access they want it to be unlimited. If T-Mobile offered day passes for $10, weeks for $20 and months for $30 they'd be racking up customers. Instead they rack up animosity. I've paid them at times, but each time I do I hate them more. And I sure don't recommend them to people.

Writing this up now because for a second I thought T-Mobile had learned. They finally offered a month to month option for a sort of reasonable $40 I only need a week but I almost paid up, it make this week a bit smoother. Until I saw the $25 cancellation fee. WTF? What is the point of a monthly option if you get penalized for only taking a monthly. Could have easily bought 3 or 4 months scattered through this year at $40 a pop. Instead I'll be taking my business else where, thank you.

And just for google let me add that T-Mobile sucks.

Posted by Abe at April 14, 2003 04:20 PM


t mobile can suck my penis. they have some fucked up phones and they won't help you. eventhoug the phone has a year warranty, they will just send you another fucked up phone to trade. by the way the phone is the motorola c332. its the worst piece of shit i ever bought before. DON'T BUY IT.

Man, T-Mobile sux... The coverage area they told me Im supposed to have, Is not there. I guess its my fault, cause I didnt do enough home work. Should have checked to see if anyone else had coverage problems with T-Mobile. Nothing like sitting in the hot Texas Sun, baking you brains out, because you caint call for help. Someone tell me where I can get good reliable service in East Texas.
thanks ya'll......

T-Mobile is a SERVICE provider, they don't make phones. If you have a problem with your Motorola go cry to them.

this is some fucked up shit

The T-mobile service is abysmal!!! My voice mail has been down for over one week and I cannot get anyone to help me!!!!! I called many times (over 10 and on several phones), have been on hold for MANY hours (over 12 for sure). They are arrogant and I have no idea what to do next. If I cancel my service, I will get hit with an early termination charge. I use my cell phone for my business and I loose business because there is no voice mail... a real nightmare....