Comments: Tags (bottom up)


I think you mean "inextricably" rather than "inexplicably", yes?

'All that statement says is that "classification schemes are going to be largely displaced by more classification schemes".'

If I seemed to say that, I wasn't speaking clearly enough.

Defending classification by expanding its definition to be co-valent with all forms of organization is pointless. For classification to be a meaningful category, there have to be some forms of organization that are not classification.

Not all forms of organization use labels, for example, as with the pile of papers on a desk organized by 'last touched on top.' Similarly, not all labels are classification schemes, as with alphabetical order. Tags are labels, but are not classification schemes, because there is no larger organizational framework that tags are required to fit into.

Some people tagging try to fit them into such schemes, but this is like drawing Venn diagrams without allowing any circles to overlap -- it's possible to add the additional constraint, but unnecessary.