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Dont play with me boy

you've seen this right?

yeah that thing irritates the hell out of me. Decent propaganda, but the style and approach is just so mono-minded and annoying. Raises legit issues, but in the end it mainly just reminds me of why linear formats are so good for propaganda, its too hard to illustrate the nuances of probability in the form. They want to raise questions but it comes off more like a prediction. A lot of it is personal, I can't hang with sitting through 8 minutes of directed attention on my computer without any interaction, or even control of the pacing. That approach offends me, it works relaxing on a couch, but not while your in active mode at a desk... But yeah its decent propaganda, I had a massive email exchange with tobias van Veen and Wayne Marshall about it a few months back, fragments emerged on our various blogs....

Dont play with me boy

dont play with me boy