Comments: The Database Avant-Garde


Have you read Lev Manovich on this idea of database-as-medium? (probably excerpted from "The Language of New Media").

It occurs to me there's something here about the "avant-garde" of cheap mass personal storage (i.e. iPods) and the "playlist culture" Dan Hill and others have written about.

yeah, the whole database-algorithm-interface construction emerges from my reading of _Language of New Media_. He lays out all the elements, but ironically enough my critique is that he privileges the database to an absurd extent. I actually picked up _Interface Culture_ because I saw a deep need to reemphasize the interface. Manovich actually has a whole chapter on the interface, but it's not really about the interface as input output and more a historical reading of the evolution of the screen. Ultimately though I think its the algorithm that deserves the most attention..