Comments: Black Box Ubiquity (first draft)


Mobile phones also fit into this picture. Because they are usually locked by the service provider, who controls not only your use of the device on the phone network, but also what software you can install, how much you can hack it, etc. This becomes an increasing problem as more and more stuff from other devices migrates to the mobile phone (phonecams, phones as PDAs, phones playing mp3s, etc).

yep most certainly, although its worth noting that some providers and headset maker are better then others, and there is a degree of open sourcing around the Symbian phone operation system. Of course there is plenty of black boxing involved in programming languages and environments too. "Open Source" is really only open to those who can make it through the obstacles and hazing of learning the development environment.

There is a rough analogy to be found here with Foucault/Deleuze's discipline and control societies. The former proscribes an inverted panopticon, the literal sealed black box that is physically hidden and locked from the user ala many cell phones or Microsoft OS's. Something like Linux has more of a control based black box. Theoretically it is open, but in reality one must navigate so many knowledge gates and check points that most people never make it inside. Black boxing through the obscuring of information..

It is hard to find funding for "uninteresting computing," though that would more accurately describe the goals set out in the original ubicomp projects: to reduce the physical burden of mobile information technologies while lowering the labor of application and integration below the threshold of direct attention.

It is not clear that all uninteresting technologies are important in terms of affecting our culture negatively as a result of their lack of consideration. Given that we cannot consider everything, why is computation more worthy of attention than plumbing, crop rotation, or any of the other technologies which have become invisible?

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