Comments: Single, Song, Mix, Welcome to the Curatorial Era


It's interesting to see how this works with hip-hop .. I think the single / album split is a little different in electronic music, where certain genres lend themselves and in fact necessitate an album (ambient, experimental work, improvisational, etc) whereas others favour the single (techno).. although I'd even say that the pendulum has swung back toward the album: longer techno tracks are favouring an overall conceptual approach to the techno album (which isn't a new thing, rather, it seems to be hanging on while it's fallen in hip hop?) .. perhaps this has something to do with the fact that techno gets no airplay?

As for techno djs, they've always been filters -- since 1990 there's been more material than time to play it .. however, for me, the application of skill (turntablism) is necessary for me to fill dialed in by a dj. Having the right tracks can also just be a simple process of ordering them via ebay and forking out the cash for the rare or already-approved cut. In techno, it's pushing the new shit that people don't recognise yet and having them remember it again for the first time -- in an original, unique situation -- yes, where they've never heard it before -- in a manner of subtle skill -- that grants the techno dj the title of techno-turntablist ..