Comments: Going Back From Ohio


Hey, thank you for your work, Abe. I really appreciate all the hard work so many people put in, including several friends of mine who were in NH and in Florida. Unfortunately, the grassroots effort wasn't what the party really needed - it needed a more effective strategy (including the right candidate with the right messages) from the top. Rest up, recover, and re-energize. There are a lot of people revved up to fight the extremists.

Hang in there. Canada wears black. tV

even if the Diebold did as they promised and "delivered" Ohio for Bush ( it still means their are roughly 45% of the voting populace that thought bush did a good job (and that gay people are Baaad. very Baaad.)

they only hope we few have is to believe there is some hope underneith reality. some hope down the line. like that through some accessibly medium we can speak to the future like Leary or the Beats spoke to me. Or Fitzgerald and Jazz spoke to them.

I think Nader had the best quote: "when you push for progress reforms as we do, you lose and lose and lose, until you win." maybe generations from now, perhaps after the humans die off all together. As i see it, all we can do is carry forward the flame.

much love,

ps. havent seen you since sxsw. hope you are well.

Good work. Welcome back. Manhattan gave Bush the finger. He drew just 16.6% of the vote.

_I somehow have a strange feeling Bush '04 won't be quite as bad as Bush '00._

Mark my words, it will become necessary to destroy America in order to save it.

You're right, it's likability. In fact, I think voters chose the phrase "moral values" (pushed on them by the exit pollsters) because it connotes a strongly held belief that you don't have to explain or defend. Which is what likability is, after all.

Peace, Jarrett (

"I feel a bit like a Vietnam vet coming home to a world that doesn't quite understand what its like out there in the battlefield. Luckily no one died on this battle field,"

And you don't have John Kerry slandering you in front of a Congressional comittee, either.

-ralph you Republicans (I assume you are one) really are fucked deeply in the head, no? There is nothing I'd like more then a congressional investigation into the flaws of our "democratic" process, and no that's not about slander that's about the truth. Its quite possible for a Vietnam vet to fully understand how fucked the war was, and huge numbers of them where. Its the ones that refused to accept that their government was sending them to an unjust and unjustified war that truly did the slandering to our nation.

"Its the ones that refused to accept that their government was sending them to an unjust and unjustified war that truly did the slandering to our nation."

You could throw in "unwinnable" and I'd still agree.

It's when you start making false accusations of widespread war crimes that, however noble your cause, the vileness of your methods overshadow it.

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