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Great commentary, and very interesting to me. I've recently moved to Montreal parttime and have been blogging about it (and the differences with the US) a lot. The only other North American city I'd consider living in, if I could affod it, is New York. And, hey, Montreal's not THAT bad in the winter - poutine was invented for a reason!

beth -- Montreal is hell in the winter. I go to NYC to flee. Better, I exercise my Commie right as a Canchun and go to CUBA.

It only really sinks in what hell it is at the tail-end of your second summer, anticipating 7 months of SNOW.

Abe -- I didn't know you were at DECLARATIONS. Michael Longford was partially involved with that. I'm working with him on the MDCN (Mobile Digital Commons Network).

cheers + you are always welcome .. tobias

knew that name was familiar from someplace, should have been able to figure it out given it was the only other time I visited...

Abe, no wonder you go for Montreal. This was not your second visit, but your third. You were there in utero.
Love, Mom

Abe, no wonder you go for Montreal. This was not your second visit, but your third. You were there in utero.
Love, Mom

Hey Abe, glad to hear you enjoyed your "third" visit, sad that I missed you, being here in London town. I have a feeling I'll see you there again at some point though.

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I was born and grew up in Montreal.

I lived in various areas in and around the city... Verdun, Cote des Neiges, St, Laurent, the west island, etc.

Montrealers do NOT hibernate in winter... we live in an underground city connected by Metro. Lots of shopping, stores, meeting places, Place des Arts, CEGEPS, Universities, restaurants, churches, cathedrals... you name it. We meet at each other's places for what else? Food ! All different kinds. Our friends and their ancestors come from all over the world. They bring their culinary expertise with them. We also have great winter activities... Downhill and Cross country skiing, with night-time skiing with lanterns, skating rinks everywhere but the most memorable one is on Beaver lake at the top of Mount Royal right in the middle of the city. It is the mouth of a crater of a dormant volcano. We also have many winter carnivals, again a very memorable one Carnaval du Québec. It is a quick 2 hour train or bus or car ride into Quebec city.

Downtown Montreal, St. Catherine Street, St. Denis St. so many stores and boutiques, and at night, so many Boîtes à chanson, bars, movie theatres, art centres, conference centres, music, stage, motorcycle shows, festival of lights, Geeze... it just goes on and on.

We have awesome libraries and museums with special international exhibits.

Montreal is alive and kicking... any time of the year. Get involved... It's such an amazing place. There is no other. Get out there and explore it all!!! You won't be disappointed.

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