Comments: The Corporation, Take 3 (of 3), Constructions:


"The film underscores one particular flaw in the legal status of a corporation, corporate personhood..."

Are you familair Paco Xander Nathan's _Ceteri_ work?

Thanks, Spiros. The other Ceteri writings at Trip and elsewhere draw in more parallels with this.

Perhaps sociopathic would be a closer diagnosis, as a metaphor ;) I used the term "three year old" as my behavioral comparison - and for ample parallels in how to find resolution.

You mention the State... POCLAD and others - Callenbach especially - have done a great job of outlining the process required. Ultimately it gets back to a slightly different take on the old "states rights" issue, which resurfaces now as the bioregionalism antidote to our tax-credit fiction of "globalism".