Comments: After the Mix Tape I Guess Comes The Tears: Mixtapes, Major Labels and the Song Flow


Actually, I agree with everything you say here. The suppressed cuts are often among Ghostface's best.
And I didn't mean to imply that the new album is a radical change from anything he did before -- only that the *proportions* of the different types of songs had perhaps changed.

Steve, never meant for this to be a critique of any sort, just a jumping off point. As for the proportions, yeah you are right, I just listened to _Ironman_ again, its far more violent then I remember. Its almost like Ghost is in the closet of sorts. The soul is all over the album, he clearly loves it, but there is a tension in the lyrics, a gangster front that stands taught in opposition to the beats. He only really lets it go on a couple tracks. He sounds far more confident now, he's a soul man, and he doesn't care if the world knows.

Both of your analyses are dead spot on. Nice work. Abe - hot. I've been thinking about techno culture and DJ mixes recently. About how DJ mixes need to arise to the forefront as a way to reroute current downfalls with distribution.. more soon.


Very well done. I had been thinking of a lot of those thoughts, but didn't think to bring them together like that.

Great post. I cannot think or say it any better than you have here.

Ditto. Extremely well written no less.

i`ve never really been a critic but i believe ghostface should appriciate his self more than he is doing right now. where is all that lost soul i used 2 feel.

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