Comments: Ghostface Forever


Couldn't give a good goddamn about the music/Love your writing about it.

And apparently no good goddamn for apostrophes either.

Hey, anonymous coward: I'm six to eight times the prose stylist you are or ever will be. If I choose to join two clauses with a slash, it's to convey a sense of disjunction between the two that yet arises out of their proximity, even their relatedness.

Would it be the same song, were it called "White Light, White Heat"? I think not.

Next time you have some criticism to make of the way I express myself, try writing me. Wankspawn.

only 6-8? I think you are off by a couple orders of magnitude Adam ;)

and who the fuck gets off on critiquing the grammar in the comments? have they read the actually blog? my grammar is good goddamn atrocious....

but Adam, big many thanks for the complement.