Comments: The al-Zawahiri Fiasco


They have the technology, but that means little where they're being forced to fight. Even less than in Vietnam. Also, it sort of seems likely that bin Laden is, in fact, on the other side of the border after all. But then, that's just what the resistence say. Who even knows? But, still, he's in a *relatively* small space: he can't be feeling comfortable.

And that's just the "man hunt".

Actually, it'll be impossible for the US to put a full stop to Taliban/mujahideen/tribal resistance in these areas. But the longer they're there the better they'll get (practice, intelligence etc.) The military is smarter and tighter than the days of Vietnam, and this fight has a tangible source and purpose, unlike Vietnam.

I don't know, bin Laden may well be in area, but I wouldn't bet too much on it. He might just as well be in a Beijing luxury hotel or a bungalow complex outside of Moscow. There are a hell of a lot of countries with a vested interest in seeing Bush lose in November. I wouldn't put it past one to take proactive measures to prevent any October surprises. And its not like he doesn't have any resources...

*First Comment:*
The west never uses the word (Mujahideen) in its literal context, Mujahideen are people who participate in a jihad and jihad mean to work for Islam.

*Second Comment:*
The hunt or not, this is all part of the political game being played by many players.
Let it not be forgotten that Bin Laden was send to Afghanistan by American CIA (or what ever the agency is) to support the Mujahideen fight against the Russians. Moreover till recently Mujahideen were very devotedly supported by the Pakistani (not so) intelligent agencies, it is just after this 9/11 that we have seen a 180 degrees turn around in the governments attitude towards Mujahideen.

The ground reality is that we the Pakistanis are confused on the situation, for the argument of the Mujahideen is some what right in its place. On other hand there are many religious scholars arguing that this is not the way to work in favor of Islam, it rather puts a negative image of Islam and gives a chance to these political dogs to mess with poor common people for there notorious political games.

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