Comments: 2 Party / 3 Party Dynamics


_In the past two elections I voted independent (Nader in 96, Browne in 00)_

Wasn't Browne affiliated with the Libertarians in '00?

I hear ya... I voted for Fulani in 96 and IWW or something in 00 (I'm from/in MA, a safe Blue)

I know who I'm voting for this year. I don't want anyone to be confused about the results this year. Go Blue!

ps-I ain't saying I love the choices... ABB

yeah, Harry Browne was the Libertarian Party candidate in 00. Independent in the US tends to mean anything but the big two parties although I guess if you got real technical it'd rule out any party affiliations at all. I tend to agree with maybe 1/4rd of the libertarian stances (drug legalization, and strong civil liberties mainly), so its better then the big boys, but not great... Basic concept was to get a broader range of candidates visible. Didn't work.

BTW I'm registered in NY, where Bush didn't even bother to campaign. Due to polling difficulties I didn't vote until after the polls had officially closed and the state called for Gore...

Don't you realize that voting for nader in 00' was probably the biggest single mistake that the left has ever made in the history of this country? Those that don't see a differnce between the two major parties, and vote out of some emotionally retarded passionate idealism when the shit is really on the line, just leave me completely cold.

A.O. did you read the actual post?

A friend and I recently had a conversation about the 2000 election. Our take is that Nader running wasn't the worst thing that happened for the left -- Lieberman was. By choosing Joe Lieberman as his running mate and not pushing any discernible agenda, Gore made himself indistinguishable from Bush.

I voted for Gore, but only at the last minute, since Lieberman came close to scaring me off. If it weren't for the possibility of new supreme court appointments I would have fairly quickly given my vote to a third party.

Fully agree with you Mike. Ever read Danny Goldberg's _Dispatches From the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit_? Puts an awful lot of meat onto that argument. Goldberg was the defacto voice of the music industry when Tipper and Lieberman where screaming censorship to all comers. Back when the music industry seemed to be on the good side of things...

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