Comments: The Graph Evolves


Thanks for creating the PDF. I like it -- mostly.

My opinions: The chart would be better without the "Your vote here" label. The year labels only add clutter. In this version the labels somehow obscure the nosedive into negative territory under GWB; perhaps the data would stand out better if the labels were a less saturated color.

I'd try tweaking this myself, but my old copy of Fireworks can't handle your file (which downloads as Hey, IANADesigner.

It would be interesting to create a stack of charts across the same timeline, each summarizing a different statistic: job growth, federal deficit, income (at 90, 50, and 10 percentiles), etc. Perhaps one page of these could hint at the broad consequences of the various administrations.

good suggestions, I just updated the pdf. Let me know if it looks better or needs work.