Comments: Wink, Wink, Abstract Goes Mobile


Checked this out. Doesn't seem to run with RSS O.9x -- or at least I surmise that's my difficulties in getting my feed to display its content.

Also -- the Winksite link needs browser pop-ups enabled. I have pop-ups blocked in Safari .. most webusers do these days. That's a no-no. Click on the link w/ pop-ups blocked and you only get the Winksite homepage. Bad. Change the link as I did to go direct, and the window pops up full-size. Bad, unless I DiY the Javascript to call the right size, but the idea here would be to have a straight-up weblink that calls the right size/d window from the start w.out pop-ups from winksite homepage etc etc etc.

Oh, PS -- I finally enabled comments on me blog w/ Haloscan.

that's funny, I had no problems with their site with pop-ups fully blocked in Firebird. I'd send their tech support a note, they obviously read what comes in and take it serious, might be the most responsive company I've ever encountered.

Except of course ActiveWords, who actually contacted me after reading something on my blog.

congrats on the comments btw, expect me over there talking trash soon enough...

oi .. check this out. I emailed Winksite last night, & received three emails this morning! Yikes. It's the 24th for Bejeezussakes. They work hard over there.

Seems that iBlog creates bad XML -- puts CDATA tags in the Title and Link fields. Bad bad. So they're going to put in support for it, despite the badness, as it looks like the poor code is somewhat common with certain feed generators (Feedster, etc all supports this bad code .. so there you go). I tried to self-edit out the tags .. but I'm not about to try & do that on a regular basis!

I also mentioned the pop-up thing. Safari blocks the pop-up .. I'll see what they say. You're right, Firebird is ok with it. Weird. Might be a Safari thing .. I'd like to know if PC anti pop-up progs for IE run into the same issues though.

I also put them in touch w/ the developer over @ iBlog .. who needs a bit of gentle reminding as to standards .. his HTML is weird too.

.. good x-day, M. Burmeister ..


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