Comments: Psychogeography


psychogeography is a concept introduced by the situationist at the end of the 50s, to reclaim the city at a moment where european cities were heavily 'reconstructed' and were organically grown slums were turned into le corbusier-esque vertical concrete ghettos.

no i think turow is talking about something very different and in a sense, completely against what the situationists meant by 'psychogeography'

turow is referring i think to a kind of demographic bandwith of locality-mindset the adverstiser can begin to imprint and bombard.

On the other hand, deriving(drifting), semi-aimlessly wandering the city using oblique stragegies as in psychogeography can be an anarchic weapon useful for protection against such inane corporate collonisations of the unconscious used by the sadvertisers.