Comments: Look Look, This Is Cool (Hunted)


here here on the murky waters...

i think your right to stave off criticism... selling things, fashion, art, trend, deitch projects, nike, "real", the gallery market, all seem like parts of a formula that is far more complex than just advertising=bad.

having gone to the el greco show yesterday i'm reminded once again of the patron/artist relationship that the church and advertising share... the same promise of salvation and the same reliance on the art maker to create a visual language around those ideas.

it seems like there is an existential hole we need artists to fill that existed before the industrial revolution one that reaches far beyond pepsi, advertising or any other human endeavor... murky waters indeed

honesty will help, darling thats all that i know.
your right about the band though, those kids rocked... XO L.

the only thing i really bother caring about is-

fawns. lot's of them.

every other point can be thrown into a melting pot of art versus commerce to be stirred so "carefully." or shall i say, always is stirred so carefully which is the reason everyone will continue to tip toe. -complex, cyclical vortex. -wait is that a band? lol

existentialism will always be in pun and it is so tough to fit something like this into it's little box and place it marked on a shelf. i only hope this continues to be an open forum, a place to hide, a place to be out, a place to listen, a place to say fuck you....

cheers to that. oh, and the band too....rocked!

one question, why no Black Bloc kids in the mag? They're the ones taking the real risks nowadays...

and hi Anna! and is that you Leigh?

Look-look market research teens and their trends. They sit down with them, observe them, and “hunt” for the trend setters. Some believe there job is unethical, they get paid to take cool away from the kids and give it to advertising agents who put it on tv to sell items to kids. I feel they are doing nothing wrong. Our culture is always changing and new trends are started everyday. The teens that sit down with Dee know they are cool. They are willing to give there cool secrets away, and there peers still think they are cool. It is totally ethical form of marketing research.
I would never consider being a cool hunter like Miss Gordon. There are to many new, crazy, lush , and eccentric trends to keep with today I would not be able to keep the yesterday cool separated from the tomorrow's cools.

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