Comments: Ice Cold Music


Damn. I was gonna say Hallucinogen: In Dub (which is wicked if you haven't heard it... mind bending dub remixes of Posford's stuff by Ott). Other than that... Cex? Prefuse? There's a new Aesop Rock out that I haven't heard yet.

For some reason it seems like I'm forgeting something really obvious... I may be getting back to you on this one.

As far as i'm concerned Prefuse should be twiddling the knobs on his radio as far away from me as possible, thank you.

Hallucingen on the other hand is awesome, close to the only psytrance I like, should have my hands on the Dub album by morning, thank you.

Don't like the sound of Aesop's voice, two monotonous, never could get into it. Cex I haven't given enough time, never been a Tigerbeat fan, although Crack W.A.R. are good fun.

I left out the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs from the post. But yeah I want more. I'm praying Ghostface comes through.

Oops, what I meant to say was that I was going to say In Dub, but it turns out it came out last year, I just did't find out about it until this year.

Let me know what you think of that album... it doesn't sound much like Hallucinogen, more along the lines of Shpongle. It appears Ott has his first solo album out... should be tasty.

In dub is pretty solid on the first listen, man still blows the rest of the psytrance world back to those obscure beaches where they belong...

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