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Jean Luc Godard says that we can "confront vague and unsettled ideas with clear images."
Nice image.

Thank you.

celebrity fashion : From Rap to Rock to Pop, all of the hottest stars are wearing Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos. (Rapper Jay Z, Singer Chris Cornell of Audioslave, Pop Star Justin Timberlake)

Celebrity Actors The hottest actors and actresses are wearing Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos. Baywatch's Carmen Electra Vin Diesel from Fast And The Furious Tara Reid from American Pie. Went shopping in Omotesando Saturday - made sure to hit the Bathing Ape store this time. Bathing Ape is a brand of street wear (kind of like Fubu in a way) that is incredibly popular right now. I had even seen references to it while in the States (GQ for example included it in an article they had on Japanese fashion).

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