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" we know there is a serious discrimination issue in this country..."

Discriminations in this country against Muslims/Arabs?

I don't think so. At least certainly not any more than against black Americans and that's hardly news. And the USA can hold up its heada against any country --- Japan for example --- in its awareness and self-correctiong actions with regard to racism.

No, I think this post assumes that everyone else assumes the worst about the USA. I was disappointed.

whoa... slow down, wtf?

"At least certainly not any more than against black Americans and that's hardly news."

What in the world does something being "news" have to do with its seriousness? There are extremely serious issues of racism against blacks in this country, and the fact that they are not news only makes them more serious. Take a look at what was happening in northern Florida during the 2000 presidential election. It was way bigger news then the butterfly ballot, and had more impact on Bush winning the state then those geriatric votes in retirement country. But because discrimination against african americans is "hardly news" it didn't get reported.

So now you are trying to say we should ignore discrimination against muslims because its not really any worse then the foul institutional racism against black americans that you've internalized? Can't believe this is written on my site, by someone who in my limited experience seems quite intelligent.

David seriously, that's a deeply racist comment you just made, and the worst bit is you don't seem to be aware of the fact. I sincerely hope its not an indication of a broader internalized racism, although it sure seems to be.

You're disappointed about my assumptions about the US? They just got a lot fucking darker because of your writing my friend.

Damn, I haven't been this disturbed and upset in a long time.

"But by blurring the lines between his work for money, and personally work he's created a giant trap for himself. "

No pun intended, presumably. : . )

"But by blurring the lines between his work for money, and personally work he's created a giant trap for himself. "

No pun intended, presumably. : . )

Time out. I think you are misinterpreting.

American response to Arabs and Muslims who are living/visiting the USA since 9-11 has been exemplary and largely free of interpersonal violence. The FBI crime statistics bear this out without question.

Are there people who don't like Arabs, Muslims? And discriminate against them? Of course. Just as there are people who don't like blacks but I do not believe that the former problem is anywhere near as serious as is the latter.

And I was not condoning either but simply indicating that we are all aware of American racism and it is not a new issue. And on further reflection, I am not aware that it is now or has ever been as serious as our black/white problems.

So yes I disagree with the statement that there is a serious discrimination problem in the USA with regard to Muslims/Arabs. American behavior towards Arabs and Muslims in the USA has been incredibly and blessedly restrained.

Yes, you are right, did misinterpret a bit, although I still disagree with you. I read that "hardly news" bit as black/white racism as hardly being an issue of concern, and that upset me deeply. I don't think that's what you went, although I'm not quite sure what to make of that sentence.

I'd agree with you that Arab/Muslim discrimination could certainly be much worse, and its not as bad as the deeply entrenched black/white racism + economics coupling.

But you said: "Discriminations in this country against Muslims/Arabs?

I don't think so."

and that's just wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to be an Arab in an airport, would you? Especially one of the ones who get stripped searched every time, or one of the several who got kicked off planes at the gate because some other customer requested they be removed. And we don't really need to get into the thousands detained by the INS without any due process for months after 9-11. Or one of the numerous Muslims who have just disappeared over the past few years, many of whom apparently fled the country out of fear and mistreatment.

Then there are the many currently detained in Cuba as enemy combatants in total disregard to the Geneva Convention. They make the issues of the kids who get called "towelheads" in school seem trivial. And its tempting to treat the casual racism towards arab you can witness in any Freeper gathering hole as a joke. But its not, its racism and all indications are its growing. Thankfully its not as bad as it could be, but it damn sure exists.

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