Comments: Hit the Breaks


I'm with ya!

And let's not overlook this winner statement found on the speakers page:

"We apologize for the small number of female presenters at ACC2003."

Say what?!

Not to mention the fact that *every single* speaker is white...

Geesh folks

* Its just a title
* At least they put forth their concerns of gender imbalance smack dab on the homepage
* Dont know what to say about racial background in this case

I know that change is unpopular these days, but the fact is some technologies are changing everything quicker than we might think. This is a decidedly uncommercial conference about future trends. What's the problem?

Hi Ross,

The problem in my book is the _accelerating_ not the change. Change can be good, can be bad and usually its a complex mix. When you accelerate it you lose your ability to learn and filter. I don't see how you can accelerate change without throwing the balance towards the negative.

Our culture is racing down this highway of change at a 100 miles an hour, its all good when the road is straight, but I hear there are curves and mountains ahead, do we want to accelerate?

What I found interesting is that it wasn't obvious from the conf. program that there would be any discussion of the physical world i.e. cities, suburbs, buildings and so forth. Is the implication that the accelerating changes happens in a different sphere...that the built world just trots along while their space (wherever that is) just gallops?

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