Comments: "we never had Al-Qaeda before this occupation"



If things are so bad, why are you still around? Seriously, why not just party like a rock star or something???

lol, actually I was thinking of moving to Iraq...

No, seriously Dan, I am not opposed to critique, but I think it should be framed into a larger constructive context. In this particular case, that constructive context is two fold for me:

1 - to make the Bush administration look bad, helping enable a regime change come next November.

2 - to call attention to the current failings in Iraq, leading toward a more productive global action in the area. The best course of action in Iraq is still quite tenuous in my mind, but I would start by shifting control from the US to the UN.

Again there is nothing inherently wrong with critique, its an important tool. But Dan, in the course of our earlier interactions you were pushing a viewpoint of all critique and no construct. I think you'll find some dynamic equilibrium between the two emergent on this site.