Comments: Punk Rock Cell Phone



That's a known defect, they will replace, did on my 270. Great device, but not without issues.

Btw, Buzz didn't mention that he has a new blog:

As for replacing, unfortunately for the Treo 300's its Sprint's jurisdiction. Their support is not quite on the level of Handspring's to say the least. But I'll give them a shot on Monday...

Let me know if they jerk you around...I will connect you with the guys at Handspring.

Their goal is to build great stuff, and treat people right. I give them 5 stars.

Given the number portability deadline on the horizon, my guess is that Sprint will feel your pain, and react positively also.


Dork. punk rock love.

Finally got it replaced, took right about the amount of drama I expect from Sprint, but thankfully it actually worked. Sort of miss the scrappy little punk rocker though... Sure is nice to be able to open the phone properly though.