Comments: Identity and Identification in a Networked World / Ian Kerr


tried to post the following but your page required me to register and I didn’t want to. post it or not as you prefer…

glad you found me entertaining though its too bad i wasn't more convincing.

i too found the Q&A frustrating and had i a proper chance to respond, our discussion would have shown that i am not a techno determinist but rather someone concerned that the law stacks the deck in favour of those who would hope to build user-unfriendly drm and that i am worried those laws and the powerful stakeholder lobbies are more of a deterministic force than the software itself. i hold out much hope for cultural movements but resistance of the sort that you briefly mentioned are, in my view, insufficient.

it is for this reason that i spent so much time trying to give illustrations of the potential threat of drm. not b/c the technology is imbued with some magical, determinist force but b/c there is a lot of power structures who are interested in "determining" a particular direction for drm.

if you are around tomorrow, lets talk more f2f


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