Comments: Google Metamorphosis


I've been running AdSense for nearly a month now. I had the same problem, wanting to see what some of the ads were, but what I did was snarfed the link, looked at the actual URL, and typed that into a browser, so I could go to the sites without generating clickthroughs. Something like this should certainly be explained in the FAQ. (Another option would be to automatically ignore clickthroughs from any IP address that accesses the AdSense reports, though that might get messy with dynamic addresses and proxies.)

But it's hard to blame Google for being so impersonal - the only way they can offer a program like this to small "dollar a day" publishers is if they keep overheads to an absolute minimum, and automate absolutely everything they can.

Yes, obviously I should have gone that route, it was just too annoying. I've customized Firebird tab browsing to make it really easy for me to click on a lot of links really quickly.

As for not blaming Google for being impersonal, well they can do whatever they want, but that doesn't make faceless corporations any less scary and threatening to our future. Honestly I just expected better of them.