Comments: Espresso Counter-Cultures


I noticed the same effect today at the Lotus Club on the Lower East side. No more artists and neighborhood weirdos, just laptops, lines and lines of laptops...

It could also be that it's job-hunting season and all of us new grads are out there pumping out pdf cover letters and making desperate attempts at 'networking.'

FWIW, its called 'third wave espresso'

also, ritual serves Stumptown Hairbender - one of the top microroasts in the US, which gets shipped down in 5lb sacks from Portland every few days

as stumptown shipping runs ~$7 for a 1lb bag to nyc, whenever i'm in SF i bring back a 1lb bag for myself and a few more for other espresso loving friends who were crazy enough to buy commercial e61 groups for the home

Where did you find the goods in MTL ? We never went for Italian coffee in Mile End mind you (unless you found the sports bar). _t

I went to this spot up on Mont Royal, Caffe Art Java. They are trained by the Gimme Coffee guys and use thier beans. They also manage to over extract almost every shot, it's odd you can see the full Gimme routine at work, and then they nearly destroy it all by pulling every shot way too long. Ask for it pulled short though and you'll get something pretty good, better than anything else I tried in town for sure.

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