Comments: Chain of Fools (Lying)


As the saying goes, hang on straight to the bottom...

I start out getting outraged when I read garbage like this list of quotes. You can do this sort of thing with anyone over time. Questions, situations, and information all change over time, and only a willful child fails to acknowledge that. With that attitude, and the ommission of any context clues, you can make Jesus look like a pathological liar. So what?

But then I realize - if this is what dems think is effective criticism, if you truly believe you've got something here, then you've learned nothing Grasshopper, and 2004 is going to be *tons* of fun. And my outrage immediately dissipates.

As long as you continue to delude yourselves, as long as you hold on to that hate, and prize it above all else, your vision will continue to be clouded, and you'll lose election after election. And because I *know* that as you're reading this, you've already decide that I'm full of shit, I know that you just don't get it, may never get it, and will continue to descend into this spiral of resentment and irrelevance.

Keep up the good work!

ha, ha. Rhetoric and propaganda are the name of the game my friend. And the right does do it better at the moment. Lets see if that's still true November 2004.