Comments: Why the WMD Matter


Now if we can't find them, and they exist, that means they went someplace. And that someplace could very well be in the hands of a terrorist.

It's even worse than that, William. The materials I talk about in my post weren't WMDs -- they were highly dangerous, but non-weaponized, nuclear materials -- waste products, mostly. The Iraqis declared them, the UN inspectors knew where they were, and so did our own military.

These were knownnuclear sites that should have been top priority targets for securing as soon as the invasion began -- by special forces, paratroopers, SOMEBODY.

So Bush may still be liar, Iraq may not have had WMDs, and terrorists may STILL have gotten their hands on some extremely dangerous weaponizable materials.

How's that for a trifecta?

Soon, lying, like gambling, will be reclassified by Republicans as not truly a vice.

Calling attention to a lie however will certainly be a vice...

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