Comments: Will T-Mobile ever get it?


t mobile can suck my penis. they have some fucked up phones and they won't help you. eventhoug the phone has a year warranty, they will just send you another fucked up phone to trade. by the way the phone is the motorola c332. its the worst piece of shit i ever bought before. DON'T BUY IT.

Man, T-Mobile sux... The coverage area they told me Im supposed to have, Is not there. I guess its my fault, cause I didnt do enough home work. Should have checked to see if anyone else had coverage problems with T-Mobile. Nothing like sitting in the hot Texas Sun, baking you brains out, because you caint call for help. Someone tell me where I can get good reliable service in East Texas.
thanks ya'll......

T-Mobile is a SERVICE provider, they don't make phones. If you have a problem with your Motorola go cry to them.

this is some fucked up shit

The T-mobile service is abysmal!!! My voice mail has been down for over one week and I cannot get anyone to help me!!!!! I called many times (over 10 and on several phones), have been on hold for MANY hours (over 12 for sure). They are arrogant and I have no idea what to do next. If I cancel my service, I will get hit with an early termination charge. I use my cell phone for my business and I loose business because there is no voice mail... a real nightmare....