Comments: Bubble 2.0


Say it, brother.

Well... I agree with your puncturing of the self-importance of O'reilly and co. $3k is ridiculous for a conference.

On the other hand, I think there;s something real behind web 2.0, in that there's a lot of useful functionality coming online that's improving peoples lives. However, it seems very unlikely to me that anyone will make gazillions off of this outside fleecing some funders.

The zeitgeist of web 2.0 is very much about being Open, Free, and Decentralized. Lots of opportunity for small business, new-school hustlers and social entrepreneurs, but I don't see a lot of opportunities for large corporation (or even a small one with big ambitions) can really rake in a lot of profit.

From what I can tell, 'Web 2.0' describes a basket of technologies that turns the web into something resembling an operating system API:

Tags implements a database as distributed folksonomy. Open APIs allow deveopers (and sophisticated users) to mix and match data sources to create new and interesting applications. AJAX (or anything that can deal with XML) brings it all together in snappy interfaces.

Web 2.0 may not be the huge revolution that some say, but there certainly seem to be some interesting things going on with those technologies.