Comments: Really Simply Now


who's this "they" you are referring to? don't you mean "we"? surely all americans are responsible for helping create a society where this barbarity can occur?

as you say, american society needs to change at the bottom. i'm not holding my breath that it'll change at the top...



The next time you whip up a mantra, you may want to clarify who "they" are. Otherwise I can only assume that you mean everyone who doesn't already share your sociopolitical views...which, ironically, makes you the xenophobic, close-minded social conservative you accuse Bush et. al. of being.

The problems in New Orleans came from many, mostly local, mostly uncoordinated efforts. There was no monolithic "THEY" creating a prison. A lot of poor small decisions combined to create one big bad situation.

I can appreciate any indignity you may have which stems from actual compassion...but using the event as a rallying point for some vaguely worded political dissatisfaction makes you no better than the other opportunists looting the city for what they can take from it.