February 05, 2008

Union Experience

Despite being part of "Super Tuesday" New York still hasn't gotten much of the full court political press. Judging from the conversations overhead at the Time Warner repair center today it seems like plenty of New Yorkers just heard the name Barack Obama this morning. Meanwhile the only people I've seen actively campaigning for Clinton are union members outside Grand Central.

It's a pretty remarkable contrast really, gruff teamsters pushing Hillary's tepid literature. It's certainly a sign of progress on one level that the gasp of blue collardom in New York City is out pushing for a female president. But at the same time it's not quite the coalition of the future is it? The hands on down and dirty politics the Clintons love to play certainly fits right into to an old school union hall. But for better or worse it's not really that clear that the hall itself is ready for the 21st century...

Posted by Abe at February 5, 2008 05:13 PM


abe is back! blogging, that is. hey I'll be in NYC in April. will be in touch. funny you lean toward hillary -- the way CDN media talks, we're Obamarama obsessed (except, of course, with our right-wing gov't, which is sh*t confused and actually trying to gain support for McCain based upon fears that Obama and/or Hillary will disrupt NAFTA.. but wait, what exactly are we getting out of NAFTA again ?!? oh right, it allows American companies to rape the alberta oil sands without consequence thus enriching the gov't+ rich (which are the same class here in Canada)). anyway back to biz. my ex-pat-american profs supported Edwards.

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