January 16, 2008



I didn't watch the Democratic debate last night, but followed it online instead. The fascinating thing about live blogging is just how different the same event reads, for a while I thought there were two or three debates going, syncing up only in the commercial breaks.

Once I saw the pictures in the paper though, and then a few clips, it was pretty clear why so many pundits thought she won. She simply had a better seat! Sitting in the center she looked as if the coronation was over already. She sits, walks and talks like she's president already and so far for the most part it works.

Obama on the other hand, is so on the threshold. When he is on, he's magic, but he not on enough yet. Hillary grinds it out every second, her guard is never down, she lapses only in miliseconds, events only caught on film not the human eye. Obama will probably never get that, but it's not clear he needs to either. What he needs is a big hit though, an event he can shine at with enough eyes on him to pass Hillary's relentlessness and make the country see him as the path onward. As super tuesday approaches politics isn't local anymore and Obama is only going to win if he finds an opportunity to speak his magic to a large enough audience nationwide.

And yeah Edwards; he's like a living personification of "right place, wrong time", I like him, but sorry....

Posted by Abe at January 16, 2008 10:35 AM

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