July 17, 2006

Hi Steven


Well maybe it's a good teaser ad, or maybe some couple has way to much money in their joint bank account. Either way it is effective, first street ad I can remember that sparked a conversation with a stranger since the Time graffiti billboard.

update: yep an ad campaign, looks like it got the PR they wanted, wonder if it translates into any viewers? Certainly makes me feel a bit manipulated, and thus less favorable to the advertiser, despite the fact that I suspected it might be an ad from the outset.

Posted by Abe at July 17, 2006 12:51 PM


Can you tell me what city this was in? We saw one in Los Angeles on the corner of Venice and Grandview.

Ah, same ad? This one is in NY, sounding more and more like an ad campaign for a product of some sort, TV show maybe? Clever and effective, but I also don't like giving free advertising, maybe I should take the image down?

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