July 31, 2006

Could Global Warming Kill the Internet?

The current summer heat wave has been blamed for taking out MySpace for 12 hours, and more anecdotally the internet does not seem to be weathering the weather to well. The few mailing lists I subscribe to are filling up with tales of server fires and emails failing or being delayed far more than usual. Tales that are mirrored pretty accurately in my own webhosting and email accounts.

The internet is a big network of servers, and servers are hot. They devour electricity, they run hot and they mainline air conditioning. When the global thermostat goes up, the servers start going down. It is all a bit of sci-fi now, but could it be that one of the big casualties of global warming might just end up being the internet?

update: Dreamhost (who I use) have posted a fascinating mea culpa about why they went down in the heat. The power demands of these hosting companies and datacenters is pretty insane...

Posted by Abe at July 31, 2006 11:04 PM


I think internet is killing the world. The energy consumption and also the heat are very harmful for the global warming.

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Global warming will not kill internet, but otherwise, we kill the nature with our hand. To prevent the global warming, we have to reduce the consumption of energy and also reduce the pollution.

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No.. I think the global warming will not kill the internet. In my opinion, if we reduce the consumption, we can save the world and also internet.

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Great explanation and nice review. For me, the global warming will not killing internet. But, internet will destroy our world.

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Global warming is a serious problem that we have to solve quickly. Global warming will not kill internet, but internet may kill people.

In my opinion.. The global warming is caused by overheated from the electrical stuff. SO, we have to reduce the use of electrical gadget in order to save our world.

So, reduce the use of internet. Do not let the server's heat causes global warming worst. Save our world now.

It is not the end of internet. But, it would be better if you reduce the electricity consumption that cause global warming.

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